JConcepts TNS Series Round 2

Sanford and Son RC headed out to Coyote Hobbies Indoor RC Raceway in Victorville, CA on December 28th for Round 2 of the JConcepts Top Notch Winter Series.

My competition for this event would include Team Associated’s Kevin Motter, TLR’s Shawn Blackwell and James Raschko, Tekno RC’s Rudy Rico and Chris Blais, Kyosho teammates Cody Turner and Mike Bustamante, Josh Mitchell and a number of very fast local racers. There would be two rounds of 5 minute qualifiers, followed by 5 minute A Mains. Announcing would be handled by Notch Johnson. There were 280 entries this round!

Open 2wd Truck

Open 2wd Truck

I had so much fun with my truck in Round 1 that I decided to run it again in this round. The first round of qualifying went well, as I took the TQ. As the night went on, the track became dry and dusty, and traction was not quite so good in the second qualifier. However, I managed to win the 2nd qualifier, and my first round TQ held up. I loosened my diff and slipper a little for the A Main. That helped a little, but traction didn’t come close to what we had in Q1. I made fewer mistakes than my competition and managed to win the A Main. All things considered, my RT6 performed very well. I really enjoy this Kyosho truck, and I am going to race it more in the future.

Open 2wd Truck finishing order:

1. Lucas Sanford
2. John Schultz
3. Josh Mitchell

2wd Mod Buggy

2wd Mod Buggy

I was race 21 for Round 1 of Mod Buggy, and the track was pretty dry. I managed to qualify 5th overall. In round 2, another car crashed right in front of me while landing the triple jump, and I had to wait for a turn marshall. As I cleared the huge table top jump and headed down the straight, there was a car stopped on the straight, and I hit it full speed. A snapped turnbuckle would end my hopes for a good run, and leave me qualified first in the B Main. For the B Main, I loosened my diff and slipper, and switched from clay to super soft AKA Typos. The car was unbelievable! I won the B Main by a lap, and was able to bump up to the A Main. My top 15 lap times were a half second faster than the TQ run, so I knew I had a good chance in the A Main if I could keep from getting caught up in traffic at the start. In the A Main, I drove cautiously from the start, and was able to avoid a couple of mishaps in front of me. I quickly went from ninth to fourth on the first lap. My RB6 was amazing, and I steadily picked off each car in front of me. With one lap to go, I found myself in second place. However, I was taken out from behind by the third place car and would finish third.

I cannot be happier with how my RB6 performed. I don’t think the car has ever been better! I want to thank Josh Mitchell for the new slipper pads, and also want to thank Kyosho teammate Mike Bustamante for the full set of AKA super soft Typo tires and EVO wheels. My pit man glued them up right before the B Main, and they were dialed!

2wd Mod Buggy finishing order:

1. Kevin Motter
2. James Raschko
3. Lucas Sanford

With so many entries this round, I decided to run four classes. I got the TQ in both 1/8 scale eBuggy and 4wd Open Buggy, but would not fare as well in the A Mains. In the 1/8 scale A Main, I cased the triple-single jump, and went from 1st to last. I fought my way back up to fourth place, but ran out of time. I could not ask more from my MP9e TKI, as it was hooked up all night long on AKA clay wishbone tires.

In 4wd Open Buggy, I also got the TQ, and would start first in the A Main. However, about half way thru the race, I got sideways into the wall on the straight, and was hit by another car, shearing off the front left arm. Overall, I am very happy with 3 TQs and two podium finishes!

I would like to thank all of my sponsors for making it happen: Sanford and Son RC, Kyosho, AKA, DE Racing, Tekin, TTN Racing and Upgrade RC. Thanks also to JConcepts and DE Racing for sponsoring this series, and to Coyote Hobbies owners Mona and Dave, the Coyote Hobbies track crew, and race announcer Notch Johnson. I am looking forward to round 3 of the TNS Winter Series at OCRC Raceway on January 18.

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