First Annual Track Star Grand Prix, SDRC Raceway, San Diego, CA

This past weekend was the first annual Track Star Championship Grand Prix, hosted at SDRC raceway. This race was held in a different format than the usual IFMAR style races we are accustomed to. This race was run based on a lap format instead of time, meaning a set number of laps were to be run for every driver. For the heats, the first driver to 14 laps was the winner, with time counting up instead of down. The mains would be run with 18 laps. This is much like AMA motocross racing and it was a nice change of pace from the normal IFMAR style of racing. Also, there was no grid start. Instead, the start consisted of every car lined up from side to side, again much like motocross. Whoever got the hole shot had a huge advantage over the others. There were three rounds of qualifying, with one round of main events.

My competition for this race would include the likes of Matt Castellano, Brian Kinwald, Jimmy Wright, Kevin Motter, Andrew Smolnik, Steven Butts, Josh Mitchell, Jayson Pang, and the entire Tekno RC race team for the 8th scale class.

2WD Mod Buggy

I TQ’d 2 of the 3 rounds of this class, setting the second fastest overall time, just less than a second behind Matt Castellano. Since qualifying was based on points instead of time, I would take the overall TQ for 2 wheel buggy. In the main event, I got a good start from the gate and was in third place behind two Associated drivers. Entering the first turn, one of these Associated drivers decided to brake check me, causing the entire field to pile up behind. I instantly went from third to tenth, and had to play catch up the entire race. I slowly picked off each position one by one, climbing up the field. I found my way into third place, with 4 laps to go. I was slowly gaining on first and second (Kinwald and Smolnik respectively). I pulled up on the bumper of second place and ran out of laps and ended up on the third spot for the podium, 0.9 seconds behind the leader, Kinwald. Once again, my new Kyosho RB6 was on rails, and gave me an advantage over the rest of the drivers.

4WD Mod Buggy

In the first round of qualifying, I got the hole shot and broke away from the field, only to snap a slipper shaft after five laps in. Round two would be a different story. I got the hole shot again and ran away from the field and won this round. Round three I was again the victor, taking TQ for 2 of the 3 rounds. In the main event, I got out second, behind Associated’s Kevin Motter. I passed Motter on the second lap and I never looked back. I led the rest of the race, putting more and more time between myself and second place. My Kyosho Lazer ZX-5 was dialed.

1/8 Scale E Buggy

I TQ’d all three rounds of qualifying with my MP9 TKI3. In the main event, I got out of the gate in second. I passed the lead driver on the 2nd lap, and I never looked back. I ran a flawless race with no mistakes, taking the win. My MP9 TKI3 was consistently half a second faster or more per lap than the entire field all night long.

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